Here are the top 10 fashion apps and platforms for discovering new trends and outfit inspiration:

1. Instagram: The most popular platform for fashion inspiration, where you can follow fashion influencers, brands, and stylists to discover new trends and outfits.

2. Pinterest: A visual discovery platform where you can find fashion inspiration and create boards of outfit ideas or trends you want to explore.

3. TikTok: A social media app known for short videos, where you can find fashion-related content, styling tips, and trending outfits.

4. Vogue Runway: This app gives you access to the latest runway shows, designer collections, and fashion news from Vogue magazine.

5. Polyvore: An app that allows you to create outfit collages, discover and shop for trending fashion items, and get styling inspiration from other users.

6. ShopStyle: A fashion search engine that lets you discover new trends, shop for clothing and accessories, and create your own personalized boutique.

7. Pose: An app that features a community of style enthusiasts who share their outfits, providing inspiration for different occasions and trends.

8. Chicisimo: A virtual stylist app where you can upload your wardrobe, get outfit suggestions, and discover new fashion trends based on personalized recommendations.

9. A fashion community where users share their personal style and outfits, allowing you to explore different fashion trends and get inspired.

10. Stylebook: An app that helps you catalog your own wardrobe, plan outfits, and discover new ways to style your current clothes. It also provides inspiration from other users’ uploaded looks.

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