1. Paris Fashion Week: Known for its prestigious and avant-garde designs, Paris Fashion Week is one of the most highly anticipated fashion events worldwide.
2. New York Fashion Week: NYFW is a major platform for both established and emerging designers, showcasing the latest trends in the fashion industry.
3. London Fashion Week: With a reputation for its eclectic and innovative designs, London Fashion Week attracts international attention and showcases British talent.
4. Milan Fashion Week: Milan is famous for its sophisticated and luxurious fashion houses, making its fashion week a must-attend event for industry professionals and fashion enthusiasts.
5. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Although discontinued since 2019, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was renowned for its glamorous and elaborate runway presentations, featuring top models and elaborate lingerie designs.
6. Met Gala: While not strictly a fashion show, the Met Gala is an iconic event where celebrities and fashion insiders showcase their most imaginative and boundary-pushing outfits according to the theme of the year.
7. Haute Couture Week: Held in Paris, Haute Couture Week is dedicated to showcasing exclusive and meticulously handcrafted couture designs by renowned fashion houses.
8. Copenhagen Fashion Week: Emerging as a hub for sustainable fashion, Copenhagen Fashion Week highlights innovative and eco-conscious designs, drawing attention from global fashion enthusiasts.
9. Berlin Fashion Week: Berlin offers a vibrant and artistic fashion scene. Its Fashion Week brings together a blend of avant-garde, streetwear, and sustainable designs.
10. Shanghai Fashion Week: Gaining prominence in recent years, Shanghai Fashion Week spotlights both Chinese and international designers, reflecting the growth and influence of the Asian fashion market.

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