What are the top 10 fashion podcasts that provide insights into industry trends, styling tips, and interviews with fashion insiders?

1. “The Business of Fashion Podcast” – Provides analysis and insights into the fashion industry, including interviews with top fashion executives and insiders.

2. “Fashion No Filter” – A podcast that delves into the fashion industry, trends, and culture with interviews and discussions with fashion insiders and designers.

3. “The Glossy Podcast” – Focuses on the business of fashion and beauty, featuring interviews with industry leaders and discussions about industry trends and strategies.

4. “American Fashion Podcast” – Explores the American fashion industry, including interviews with designers, industry professionals, and discussions on various fashion topics.

5. “Fashion Revolution Podcast” – Offers discussions on sustainability and ethical fashion, featuring interviews with thought leaders, activists, and designers advocating for change in the industry.

6. “UnStyled” – Hosted by Refinery29’s global editor-in-chief Christene Barberich, it features interviews with influential personalities in fashion, exploring their journeys and perspectives.

7. “Fashion Hags” – A humorous podcast hosted by three fashion professionals, discussing trends, news, and issues in the fashion industry.

8. “The Ladies Who Lunch” – A podcast by fashion bloggers Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes, covering topics like style, the fashion industry, and their personal experiences.

9. “The Fashion Law Podcast” – Explores legal issues and challenges in the fashion industry, featuring interviews with fashion lawyers, academics, and industry experts.

10. “7 Days to Amazing” – Hosted by fashion and beauty expert Sharon Haver, it offers styling tips, trends, and advice for personal fashion and style.

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