1. Livia Firth – Founder of Eco Age and an advocate for sustainable fashion.
2. Venetia La Manna – Content creator focused on ethical fashion, slow living, and sustainability.
3. Aja Barber – Writer and fashion consultant advocating for sustainable and inclusive fashion.
4. Whitney Bauck – Writer and journalist covering sustainable fashion, known for her work at Fashionista.
5. Cheyenne Adler – Fashion influencer promoting sustainable brands and thrifting.
6. Jenny Mustard – Content creator emphasizing minimalism, sustainable fashion, and vegan lifestyle.
7. Anuschka Rees – Author and blogger focusing on sustainable style and conscious consumerism.
8. Emma Watson – Actress and activist promoting sustainable fashion through her social media channels.
9. Natasha Hinterholzinger – Blogger advocating for ethical and slow fashion, known for her brand-style features.
10. Megan Ellaby – Fashion influencer emphasizing sustainable fashion, vintage finds, and personal style.

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