1. Nike: Nike’s “Equality” campaign promotes diversity and features athletes from different backgrounds, abilities, and ethnicities.
2. H&M: H&M launched a campaign called “Close the Loop” to promote inclusive fashion and diversity by featuring models of various sizes, ages, and ethnicities.
3. ASOS: ASOS’s marketing campaigns celebrate diversity by featuring models of different body types, ethnicities, and gender identities.
4. Aerie: Aerie, the American Eagle lingerie brand, focuses on body positivity and inclusivity by featuring models of various sizes, promoting unretouched images, and embracing diversity in their marketing campaigns.
5. Rihanna’s Fenty: Rihanna’s inclusive luxury brand Fenty features diverse models in their marketing campaigns, showcasing a wide range of skin tones and body types.
6. Gap: Gap has been known for their inclusive marketing campaigns that embrace diversity by featuring models from various backgrounds, ages, and sizes.
7. Savage X Fenty: The inclusive lingerie brand founded by Rihanna, Savage X Fenty, celebrates diversity by featuring models of different sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds in their marketing campaigns.
8. Calvin Klein: Calvin Klein’s campaigns have included models of different sizes, ages, and ethnicities, promoting inclusivity and diversity in their fashion advertisements.
9. Universal Standard: Universal Standard is a size-inclusive fashion brand that primarily focuses on offering clothing for all body types and their marketing campaigns showcase diversity by featuring models with different sizes.
10. Target: Target has a history of embracing diversity in their marketing campaigns, featuring models and talent from various ethnic backgrounds, ages, and sizes to promote inclusivity.

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